Sunday, March 05, 2017

Selling stuff from my collection: signed and rare LPs


So as I've been blogging - it turns out I have cancer. The news is tentatively optimistic - my oncologist is going to go in, look around, cut a sizeable chunk of my tongue out, sew it up, and then test it; he thinks I may get away without chemo or other treatments, and will make a full recovery thereafter, albeit with a smaller tongue. However, I am still going to need to raise funds to support myself through treatment. I have bills, rent, and so forth and it seems unlikely the government will do much to help me, and even under a best-case scenario, I don't see myself doing much of any sort of work in May, the earliest date under which a recovery could be expected. Plus I am not entirely reassured, since it will take some time for the surgery to take place, that the cancer won't spread and force the removal of even more of my tongue, or such, by then. I am particularly worried about the possibility of losing the ability to speak: for a guy whose main livelihoods have involved teaching and interviewing people, this is a bit of a concern. And in light of the current situation, having a lot of cool stuff around me seems of limited wisdom: I could stand to live with less.

So let's start by listing some stuff that music geeks in my immediate circle might appreciate. Serious offers are welcome. Some items may have a pesky "to Allan" inscribed on them. I also have lots of unsigned stuff I may sell. I am not in a great hurry, however. The point of this is for me to raise some money to cover my bills during treatment, but if the money isn't right, I will just hang on to my goodies.  

Mostly what I'm going to list today are signed items. Please, serious offers only! 

Nihilist Spasm Band: No Nothing - No Music Festival 6 CD box set, starts on Discogs around $40 Canadian, but unsigned. In my case, the inside of the box is signed by the entire Nihilist Spasm Band in my presence when they played the Western Front in 2006. Also includes Aube, Lee Ranaldo with Paul Dutton, Voice Crack, others. I also have a repress of the first NSB LP around (I think this edition), and I have an NSB t-shirt somewhere: I think I also tucked a pin that the band gave me at their merch table into the box, making it further a unique item. 

Tad: 8 Way Santa: as I said around the time I posted my Tad Doyle interview, I ended up, by a curious process, with TWO - count them TWO - signed copies of 8 Way Santa with the original cover art, defaced by Tad Doyle and Kurt Danielson of TAD. I've seen this LP on record store walls priced at $90, without the signatures. I think it would be reasonable to start around the $200 range here; I only plan to sell one of them, of course. These were NOT signed in my presence but by a guy on eBay who had many photos of Tad and Kurt signing the records, so I believe they're legit. We can always ask Tad. Also have a German Glitterhouse pressing of Salt Lick that subs "Loser" for one song...

The Thing - Now and Forever box set, signed by all members of The Thing in my presence in Vancouver. 3 CDs and a DVD that will only play properly on PAL-friendly equipment, and featuring people like Joe McPhee, Thurston Moore... A copy of the set signed only by Mats - mine is the whole trio - runs on Discogs for 100 Euros ($142 Cdn). Make me an offer.  

Pauline Oliveros: Electronic Essays - original pressing of an early compilation featuring Ms. Oliveros. No copies list on Discogs for sale at the moment; copies have sold for between $50 and $213 US. This one is signed to me by Ms. Oliveros, however, when I met her at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Would like around $100 for it. Also have a Deep Listening Band 2XLP on green vinyl, I believe it is - it isn't signed, though. Starts online around $70 Cdn. Make me a good offer!

Cradle of Filth - Midian, signed by the entire band a few years ago (probably not the same lineup). From an in-store at Scrape. 2XLP Music For Nations edition, seems to run around $50 on Discogs in comparible condition, except mine is signed by the whole band. Make me a decent offer! 

Magma - Mekanik etc, reissue (this one I think) signed by Christian when they played Vancouver. (I interviewed him). 

Flamin' Groovies - Shake Some Action, reissue, signed by three of the original members. (I also have a recent Sonics album signed by the whole band, including members who have since retired, but I wasn't planning on selling it just yet; it would have to be a great offer for me to take it). 

Other stuff I'm willing to talk about selling includes a signed Jaap Blonk collaboration, Dubbletwee; a Han Bennink/ Terrie Ex/ Brodie West LP; Fred Frith's A Step Across the Border DVD, Winter and Winter edition, signed by Frith in Vancouver; a signed limited edition double Shriekback EP; some signed Kid Congo Powers that I might part with (his two recent albums, Haunted Head and La Arana Es La Vida; but I like them, and don't know that people will offer me as much as I'd like FOR them... you're welcome to try. 

I have something that is supposedly a signed Mojo Nixon, but don't know the provenance at all. 

Also might sell a signed Eugene Chadbourne or two if there are fans. 2000 Statues and the English Channel features some really heavy hitting players like Zorn; this is the original Parachute label pressing, signed by Eugene. Also have Torture Time on Parachute, signed... others. I'm keeping most of them but I don't listen to a lot of really noisy stuff these days, so... I also have tons of Eugene's handmade CDs, though I plan to keep most of them. 

Unsigned items that might excite some people - I have a few Death Waltz John Carpenter soundtracks and all five volumes of the Ecstasy of Gold  double LP spaghetti western soundtrack anthologies. I would probably sell my John Fahey Transcendental Waterfall box set (starts around $140 on Discogs). Other rarities from Borbetomagus to Electric Wizard. Some cool Haino Keiji stuff on CD, plus Fushitsusha on DVD. Fun music DVDs by the Residents, Sublime Frequencies, Vestapol blues recordings. Original Vancouver punk singles, but nothing very rare (and no, I'm not selling my Pink Steel 7 inches!).  

There's lots else - punk, metal, avant-garde, blues - but also lots I don't plan on parting with. Feel free to shoot me a private message, on Facebook, or use the "contact me" section of my blogger profile, or something. And again, please - serious offers only - if it starts on Discogs for $70, unsigned, and I'm selling it signed, make the offer a reasonable one! 


David M. said...

You can get good dough for NO FUN CD box sets. I know for a fact that I'm not making any more of them. I mean, "they".

Allan MacInnis said...

I am not selling any NO FUN material, or Pink Steel either.

So far (sigh) it's been mostly record dealers who are contacting me, not collectors. One guy seems serious about one item, so this was worth doing, but...